Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall (12” Vinyl)


Promulgation of the Fall is coming from a band entering into its tenth year of existence with an impeccable reputation and slavishly devoted fanbase, and they’ve spent the past six years fine-tuning the eight compositions on this release. That they’ve spent the better part of that decade engaging in fairly regular live performances shows in the writing, too, so songs sound tighter and the tension at work is impeccable. The four men leading Dead Congregation have always held themselves up to the highest standard of quality in this band, and this latest release is no different, showcasing the band at its most confident and powerful. Vocalist/guitarist A.V.’s imperious growl has never sounded stronger, the whole rhythm section locks together like clockwork, and the guitars are caked in gritty, graven tones that entice as much as they intimidate.

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