Dead Congregation – Sombre Dead (12” Vinyl)


Dead Congregation prove that it’s not necessarily about doing something first, it’s about doing it better than anyone else out there. There’s nothing ground-breaking or innovative about their music, but when a new release by them makes its way into the world, you’d better be paying attention.

Although this new EP is only about 14 minutes long, the quality of the music here cannot be doubted, and there’s a surprising amount of depth here. As with much of the band’s music, it’s as much about the raw feel of the song as anything else: the morbid, noxious atmosphere; the abrasive, brutally heavy textures of the music; the horrifying mental imagery it invokes through all of this and the lyrics.

“Dead wind howlingdc-sombre-doom-cover
Bodies bend like trees
Praying, kneeling, worshipping”

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