Void Eater – II (12” Vinyl)


The second release from VOID EATER, the creation of RKV (Obliteration).
Alien death metal in obscure sonic void.

“There’s a twisted, sinister, mind-melting quality to the leads that surface within these raging storms of blasting percussion and murky, gale-force riffing. And the storming quality of these tracks shouldn’t be mentioned only in passing; they’re near-cyclonic in their impact (and so one should perhaps be thankful that the album includes some eerie and ominous ambient interludes (tracks 2, 4, and 6) as well as one (track 5) that’s a wretched dirge until all hell breaks loose near the end). Yes also, the vocals are indeed thoroughly crazed.
Put all these ingredients together, and you have a thoroughly riveting experience — inventive, explosive, hallucinatory, and even frightening.” (No Clean Singing)

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