Destructo – Demo MC


The sound, attitude and execution of Destructo is similar to it’s name.. Destructive, Merciless and total Fuck-Off driven! Formed in 2018 as a side-project between Soulcrusher & Motörphallus as a tribute to bands like Sarcofago, Sabbat and Syphilitic Vaginas.

Destructo can be described as the bastard child of raw and chaotic first-wave Black Metal blended with a unhealthy dose of 80’s Speed/Thrash Metal Mania, Motörcharged Riffs & Rock n Roll grooves that creates the Devil’s Rock n Roll!

These Cacophonic Screams, Primitive riffs, Bulldozing Bass, and Berserking D-beats collided with vocals which alter a gnarling demon on strict diet of whiskey and amphetamines are best to be enjoyed with… Whiskey and Amphetamines!

This demo is limited to 100 (50 Red and 50 Black), and every tape is hand numbered in blood.

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